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 Beyer Peacock & Company Formed 150 years ago

From the start Beyer Peacock locomotives gained an enviable reputation for being well built machines with clean and elegant lines built by craftsman. Some may even go further and say that the company typified "British Engineering" at its best.

The purpose of this site is to act as a focus for those interested in the world famous quality locomotive building company Beyer Peacock who produced around 8000 locomotives of which almost 400 survive. Much of the detailed information is in Adobe pdf format and links have been included with other Beyer Peacock related sites to save duplication of information.

Beyer Peacock had its own in house Quarterly Review which contained detailed information about the company and its products. It is hoped that some of the advertisements and articles will be included as time permits. Fortunately when the company closed many of the Beyer Peacock records were saved by Dr. Richard Hills and are now held at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester.

Much of the information has been taken from the two epic volumes of Beyer Peacock's Locomotive Output produced by Joe Lloyd and many of the locomotive drawings have been provided by Peter Manning which provide some further detailed information.

If you have information relating to Beyer Peacock that you wish to share please contact: info@beyerpeacock.co.uk

August 2002