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Buenos Ayres & Rosario Railway


2-6-0 Mixed Traffic Tender Locomotive order No. 8505 works No 4152 supplied in 1900

(reconstituted in 1884 from the B.A. & Campana Rly)
By 1908 when amalgamated with Central Argentine Rly, had track length of 2390 miles

Beyer Peacock supplied no less than 14 railways in Argentina with locomotives between 1882 and 1930, half of which were British -owned companies. Rail
gauges were mainly metre and 5'6", with just two associated lines being 4'81/2" the Argentine North Eastern and the Entre Rios both Garratt purchasers
in the 1930s.

The BA&RR was 5'6" gauge and bought 239 locomotives from BP.

4-4-0 Passenger Engines were supplied from their first order in 1884 up to 1899 (40 altogether) and 2-6-0s from 1885 up to 1900 (62 altogether), the most common types built for them, some being 2 cylinder compounds, the last of the Moguls being described as "Mixed Traffic Engines". They had 4-4-2 and 4-6-2 Tank Engines in 1890 and 1906/7. They had the first purpose -built Crane Tank from BP on a 0-4-2 Saddle Tank in 1891 and 2 more Crane Tanks on 0-6-0 Side Tank Engines in 1908. Also 0-6-0T Shunters (to a design also built for them by other UK firms) from 1904 to 1908. Then in 1907 BP supplied 15 4-6-0 Passenger Engines and 15 2-8-0 Goods Engines, all were compounds and "to the Rly Co’s drawings and specifications" having had these designs a year or two earlier from other builders.

Their last order placed with BP, was for 26 compound Pacific Passenger Engines delivered in 1909 by when the BA&RR had become the CAR, and these were to the specification of Livesey, Son and Henderson, 10 more going to the CAR in 1911 which were a non-compound version.
In the same year that British Railways was being established, 1948, Argentina was also nationalising the privately owned railway companies and the CAR became part of the F C General Mitre., having also been a British private company.

The Central Argentine Rly bought from BP, 35 0-6-OT Marshalling Yard Engines in 1913 & 1920/1, and in 1926 20 compound 2-8-2 Goods Engines that were the first of that wheel arrangement to be made by BP

Information provided by Joe Lloyd