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2-4-0 Tender Locomotive order No. 3878 supplied in 1880

Order No. 750 was for four 4'-8½" gauge 2-2-2 tender locomotives works progressive Nos. 385 - 388 supplied in 1863 for passenger use. This was the first of 63 orders totalling over 300 locomotives, the last , order No. 0787 for 20 4-6-4 tank engines was supplied in 1914-15.

The driving wheels of the engines of this first order were 6'-2" in diameter with 15" dia x 20" stroke internal cylinders and a boiler pressure of 100 psi.

In 1863 the railway ordered the first 2-4-0 tender locomotives for passenger use order No. 761. The railway placed a total of 34 orders for over 300 2-4-0 tender locomotives the last put into service in 1895. During this period the design was subject to four major improvements. The final design began in 1880 with order No. 3878 works progressive Nos. 1923 - 1929. This class extended to 175 engines with 7'-0" in diameter driving wheels and 18" dia. x 26" stroke internal cylinders working on a boiler pressure of 150 psi. The engines were used for express passenger service and at the time amongst the fastest locomotives of the day capable of speeds in excess of 70 mph.

One of this last class order No. 6074 supplied in 1881, works progressive No. 2101, SS No. 126 is preserved at the Utrecht State Railways Museum.

Information provided by Joe Lloyd