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2-2-2 Tender Locomotive order No. 5 works No 1-4, 15-18 supplied in 1855

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The first order, order No. 5 was from Great Western Railway for eight 2-2-2 tender locomotives, works progressive Nos.1 - 4 &15 - 18, built in 1855 to Gooch's design for passenger use on the Birmingham to Shrewsbury line.

The driving wheels were 6'-6" in diameter and the internal cylinders 15½" dia x 22" stroke. The engines were "renewed" from 1972 -75 but little of the original engines remained in the rebuilding. In 1890 all were rebuilt as 2-4-0's to be known as "River Class" Payment for the eight engines was £21280. The cost of production £23373 !

This was the first of seven orders totalling 68 locomotives all built to 4'-8½" gauge. The last order in 1931, order No. 148 works progressive Nos. 6680 - 6704 was for 25 0-6-0 tank engines.

Information provided by Joe Lloyd