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2-4-0 Tank Locomotive No 4 "Loch" order No. 1253 works No 1416 supplied in 1874 still in service

pdf Drawing of 2-4-0 side tank order No. 2965 BP works progressive No. 1253, 1254, 1255 supplied in 1873.

pdf Drawing of 2-4-0 side tank order No. 144 BP works progressive No. 6296 suppled in 1926.

Order No.2965 was for three 3'-0" gauge 2-4-0 tank locomotives works progressive Nos. 1253 - 1255 supplied in 1873 for passenger use on the Isle of Man Railway numbered 1 "Sutherland", 2 "Derby", 3 "Pender".

No. 1 "Sutherland" is preserved at Port Erin Museum.

No. 2 "Derby" was taken out of service in 1951 and dismantled.

No. 3 "Pender" is in section form at the Museum of Science & Industry at Manchester.

The driving wheels were 3'-9" in diameter and the outside cylinders 11" dia x 18" stroke with a boiler pressure of 120 psi.

This was the first of ten orders for a total of 14 locomotives. The second order No. 3175 was for a further two locomotives, No. 4 "Loch" & No. 5"Mona", works progressive Nos.1416 & 1417. The last order in 1926 order No. 144 work progressive No. 6296 was for one 2-4-0 tank engine. This was the final evolution of the 2-4-0t design that had started in 1863 for the Norwegian 3'-6" gauge Railway. This was also the last steam locomotive built for hauling passengers on a narrow gauge railway running a regular service in the British Isles.

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