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The Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway



0-6-2 Tank Locomotive order No. 7722 works No 3568 supplied in 1893

THE MANCHESTER, SHEFFIELD & LINCOLNSHIRE RLY (formed in 1849 on a title-change from the Sheffield, Ashton-under-Lyne & Manchester Rly), and its successor (another title-change) from 1897 -
THE GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAY which became a constituent of -
The MS&LR and its direct successor the GCR, together bought 282 steam locomotives from Beyer Peacock, the Railway Company's Works ("Gorton Tank") being directly across the main line tracks out of Manchester London Road Station (now Piccadilly) from BP's Gorton Foundry.
The Railway Company were good customers for BP as those numbers show, but in addition they placed much other work in the repair of engines etc. with BP. In the year before the MSL's first order (which was 1865 for four 2-4-0 Tender Engines), there had been an 1864 order for six 0-6-0 Tender Engines from the South Yorkshire Rly and in that year it became effectively a part of the MS&LR, those engines as Class 23 to be joined in 1867 by 20 more that the MS&LR ordered.
It is a fact that all the engines built by BP for the Railway Company "opposite" were not designed by BP, and other locomotive building firms were also supplying some of those same designs for them, besides which Gorton Tank was also building them too.
The 0-6-2 Goods Tank Engine which became the LNER Class N5 was supplied to the MS&LR in 1893,1894 and 1896 and to the GCR in 1898,1900 & 1901 - 79 engines. The only others supplied before 1897's title change, were 10 2-4-2Ts in 1898 (LNER's F2 Class) and 66 0-6-0s in 1896/7 (LNER's J10 Class) (a total of 144 engines).
There was a steady flow of orders, for a variety of other designs for just small numbers of each up to 1908, the largest quantity being 0-6-0s (LNER J11 Class) 10 in 1903 and 15 in 1904. There were 4-4-0s (20 - D6 Class), five designs of 4-6-0 for Passenger and Goods (B1, B5, B4, B9 & B7 in delivery order, these last in 1922), seven Atlantic Passenger Engines (Class C4), twelve 4-4-2 Suburban Passenger Tanks (Class C14),& those 4 mighty Hump Shunters 0-8-4Ts built 1907/8 (a total of 138 engines).
Once the LNER was formed, with several of its own Works for locomotive building, there were just a few further orders for BP - the one and only Beyer Garratt Ul Class for Banking of the heavy coal traffic, built in 1925, along that same year with 12 N2 Class 0-6-2Ts. 1928 they had 12 B12 Class 4-6-0s and in 1936/7 there were 28 J39 Class 0-6-0s. The LNER inherited some other BP-built engines from other absorbed railway companies.

The 4-6-0 designs were built in the following small quantities:
B5 - 8 engines in 1905
B1 -2 engines in 1903/4 (the 2 Atlantic C4 Class of 1903 identical except for wheel arrangement)
B9 -10 engines in 1906
B4 -10 engines also in 1906

Information provided by Joe Lloyd