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Beyer Peacock Diesel Hydraulic & Electric Locomotives


Beyer Peacock order No. 1715 WP No. 7980 Bo-Bo Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive supplied to British Railways , Western Region in 1962 and now working on the preserved East Lancashire Railway.

Alongside Garratts, the firm continued to build ordinary steam locomotives which included the same improvements in design as their double-ended counterparts but continual technical improvements in diesel engine design and changes in fashion made steam locomotives obsolete and no more orders for steam engines were received after 1958. The firm turned to building diesel engines. Except for a few industrial locomotives, all their diesel engines were sold to British Railways. 101 diesel hydraulic engines of Beyer, Peacock’s own design were sold to the Western Region, but then British Railways decided to buy only diesel electric types. Beyer, Peacock continued to build diesel electrics for British Railways, but as this was becoming increasingly uneconomic, Gorton Foundry was closed in 1966.

Taken from A Short History of Beyer, Peacock by Dr. R.L. Hills